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Don't Run Away From Your Life.

Do you think this picture is beautiful? for me YES. Nice and beauty. Thanks to our GOD because create this earth with so many beautiful places, animals and human beings. Alhamdulillah.

what I want to say here not because of this picture, hehe it's just my mukaddimah. well.. look like too long I not update this blog. I open it and alhamdulillah, I've got so many viewers around the world. I'm wondering whether the viewers outside from Malaysia can read my blog or misguided. hehe Maybe I should write in English? Insyaallah... with my broken grammar ^_^

Don't Run Away From Your Life.. is it about me? maybe. or its true. And some of you also running away from life. why? Ask your self why why why.
I've watched this short film and it reminds me of something. Am I too far away from YOU now?  Its bad for me. Forget about bad history  from our life. What's done is done. No turning back.

Yaa Allah, Please preserve me from straying...

Short Islamic movie about a Muslim boy and his relationship to the Holy Quran.

1st Place - Best Short Film 2011 at MSA Showdown in Dallas,Texas (SMU)

University: University of Houston (Main)
City: Houston
Filmmaker: Ubaid Seth
Contributors: Hasan Gopalani, Faisal Siddiqui, Haseeb Jandga, Justin Durban
Title: Jannati

Jannati is based off a poem by M. Asim Khan.
The story is about Adam, an early 20s young Muslim who lives alone
in his apartment. His mother passed while he's in college and his
father left him when he was very young. His entire day goes like this:
wake up, shower, coffee, work, nightclubs, back home, wake up, shower,

Eventually what happens is his life becomes a loop and the story
starts with his neighbors who move in and play loud Quran on their CD
player, waking him up very early. It ruins his "loop" and begins to
enrage him. The story builds up and goes through his loop day by day
as his entire world collides within that week, igniting a mysterious


  1. Alina Lee said...:


    i've been following you and thanks to all the reminder,alhamdulillah, syukran jazakillah

    mind to follow me


    coretan sy sbg seorg mualaf :)

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